A cross section of my reporting and essays since 2003.

“What Really Happened in the Bin Laden Raid?”
Key details of the story still don’t add up; Mother Jones, Aug 2011

“The Case of the New York Times’ Terror Error”
John Walker Lindh and corrections in the digital age; The Atlantic, July 2011 (coauthored with Scott Rosenberg)

“The Lady Is a Scamp”
Profile of comedic dynamo Amy Poehler; Arrive, January 2011

“WikiLeaks: Making America Safer?”
Julian Assange may have exposed U.S. vulnerability in an alarmingly useful way; Mother Jones, Dec 2010

“Love in the Time of Terror Babies”
Why America’s xenophobic politicos need to read Daniel Alarcón; Mother Jones, Aug 2010

“Sharp Turn on Wall Street”
Financial pundits on the meltdown and America’s new economic reality; Arrive, July 2009

dfwmojo“David Foster Wallace’s Best Advice”
Direct words from the late, great writer; Mother Jones, April 2009

elvis-slarge“Inside the Rockers Studio: Elvis Costello’s ‘Spectacle'”
Behind the scenes of Elvis’ new talk-music show; Rolling Stone, Nov 2008

rglc1“Ricky Goes to Hollywood”
Profile of British comedian Ricky Gervais; Arrive, May 2008

cplc“The General Soldiers On”
Profile of former Secretary of State Colin Powell; Arrive, Nov 2007

usaslc1“The U.S. Attorneys Scandal Gets Dirty”
Fourth in a series investigating the Bush Justice Department; Salon, April 2007

yvr“Canada’s Safe Haven for Junkies”; and “The Needle and the Damage Undone”
In-depth reporting from the streets of Vancouver on the city’s daring strategy to combat a heroin epidemic; Salon, Sept 2003-Sept 2006

obl1“The Road to 9/11 and Beyond”
An essay on Lawrence Wright’s epic “The Looming Tower”; Salon, Aug 2006

terror1“America Can’t Take It Anymore”
American officers confront the dark side of the “war on terror”; Salon, Dec 2005

ashley“Still An Angel?”
When illicit drugs mix with right-wing sanctimony; Salon, Oct 2005

gunner“Inside ‘Gunner Palace'”
The story behind the ground-breaking Iraq war documentary; Salon, March 2005

bush“Be Very Afraid”
How George W. Bush used the politics of fear to get reelected; Salon, April 2004

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