is an online space for the public to report errors in news coverage and try to get them fixed by engaging in open dialogue with journalists. I’m serving as the associate director and community manager for the project (dreamed up by Scott Rosenberg, and a 2009 winner of the Knight News Challenge), whose initial focus is on media in the San Francisco Bay Area. As of April 20, 2010 we are up and running! For more details on the thinking behind the project and how it works read this story over at Poynter Online. And please visit our site to help fix the news!

Updated, Oct 27, 2010: Now you can help fix the news anywhere in America — MediaBugs has gone national.

Updated, Aug 22, 2011: On the MediaBugs blog, read my reporting and analysis on various error cases at the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Fox News, CNN and others.


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  1. […] MediaBugs […]

  2. […] head of atmospheric chemistry at the Paul Scherrer Institut in Villigen, Switzerland, said.Mark Follman, one of the founders of Mediabugs, wrote a piece for Mother Jones this morning with more background […]

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