Guardian’s Twitter move, GM’s bailout madness

It’s adding up to a strange day in the news, my friends, but then again these are no ordinary times.

The venerable 188-year-old Guardian, apparently seeing the ugly writing on the wall for the media business, has taken perhaps the boldest step yet to embrace digital technology. Will such an all-in bet on rapid-fire reporting pay off?

kravitzMeanwhile, in the heart of Silicon Valley, a hotshot entrepreneur has moved to capitalize on social networking technology in a different cutting-edge way. If the producers of “The Bachelor” take notice, look out for a full convergence of reality TV and the Internets even sooner than already anticipated.

And in what can only really be considered a desperate move, General Motors apparently is grasping for a solution to its epic troubles by way of two well-known, if irritating, car experts.

More odd stuff going on across the pond.


3 comments so far

  1. Sasha Cagen on

    OMG, Mark, this guest post about finding Michael Arrington is unbelievable! How could he allow that to be published on his own site? Convergence of reality TV humiliation and the Internets, indeed!!!

  2. Sasha Cagen on

    OK, joke is on me, was it an early April fools joke? Still, very horrible portrait of him!

  3. markfollman on

    heh, indeed. part of the April fools roundup…

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